Skyteks was founded by two partners at the end of january 2007 company first targeted the home textile industry. During this period company supplied home textile products to multinational department stores such as Real and Metro.

Due to drastic changes in textile market at the end of 2007 company decided to change the target industry to health care market.

In healthcare industry company decided to focus disposable medical device market. In this direction company started trading absorbent gauze, gauze compress and suture trade. Adil Boz branded absorbent gauze products are being manufactured in Uşak. In 2008 CE certificate was awarded to absorbable hemostatic agents and supplied to the market. Skyteks has the vision to continue develop its leadership and liability. Continuous research and innovation attempts of the company help increase the brand recognition.

As a company showing activities in an industry where human health is primary concern Skyteks serves its both local and international clients with care according to todays needs and necessities.

In order to develop and improve range of its services our company evaluates all dynamics of a human health concerned industry. Our company shows a great effort in order to fulfill its responsibilities against human health. Since 2008 Skyteks continues its path of growth and development while it serves both Turkish and World healthcare industry.


Skyteks has a relationship based on respect with not only with its clients but also its come etitors. Our company continues to add positive input to the industry with its activities. As Skyteks continues its activities with the willingness of the first days. The biggest gain of the company is its family like employees. Policies of customer satisfaction has helped settle the quality principles. These principles has been railed down by our quality certificates.


As a corporate company we continue our activities a long with our social and ethical responsibilities. Our innovation based drive is the reason of our leadership in every market that we operate in. This is also the same reason why we ace able help improve the lives of many people.

Due to our work area, we have a large effect on peoples development.

Core Values
We provide professional and unbiased service.
Social Responsibility
Our company and all our employees think of the effects of their activities their environment and public.
Ethical Behaviour
We act with honesty and fairness.
Respect Everyone
We provide respect to everyone as they deserve.
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We continue to dream for the industry that we are in
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